We are waking up to the much bigger and broader

picture of how to be HAPPY, and that is what I

will help YOU to accomplish.

My Philosophy includes 07 elements:

1.- Wellness.

2.- Emotions.

3.- Relationships.

4.- Protection.

5.- Business.

6.- Career.

7.-  Mindset. 

To be honest, I used to be a man who focused his life on his career path. When I met Cinthia, my first thought  about her was: “She truly loves her job. Look at that big smile!”.

To be honest, Cinthia made me cry in different sessions. She says that is totally fine because that is how the healing process works. Cinthia helped me to discover my core values which lead me to find the company that was in line with my values. Thanks to Cinthia I started seeing my career as a part of my life, but not as the only piece in my life.

My family tells me that Cinthia did a great job with me. This comment is related to the fact that I found the needs that I valued the most. Now, I can better understand the choices I make, as well as my emotional patterns. To be honest, I have been managing my own PHILOSOPHY ABOUT HAPPINESS since 2011. I made two radical changes with my new philosophy in mind. I switched my job and left my previous 9-year love-relationship. Nowadays, I enjoy my new role as a global manager working from home with my fiancé in front of me. 

- Kevin M.

The truth about relationships

You cannot experience a successful life if you do not take some time to design your own philosophy about happiness.

You can spend your time trying to solve all your relationship problems and still have challenges to master your emotions. If you do not realize what your core values are, you will always be at the mercy of life’s challenges. 

Long-term relationships require courage, commitment and love. This rule is applicable to any long-term relationship. It could be your relationship with work, business, friends, job, life-partner. Any long-term relationship requires those ingredients to be healthy, meaningful and lasting.  

When you keep in mind your philosophy about happiness, you make better decisions. You design your SUCCESSFUL LIFE.  

                                                                    – Cinthia Alvarez.


Trust the magic in new beginnings.

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What does SUCCESS mean to YOU?

Everything starts with this question.

To understand success, everyone must first define it. With that definition in mind, you will find lots of tools such as books, seminars, courses, guides and apps which promise different paths to success, and by success, they usually mean money. With this knowledge as a basis to build your mindset about success, people unwittingly create psychological barriers to satisfaction since the focus is money. 

Some people start believing that they should leave the job they enjoy to achieve success on another path that leads them to that millionaire lifestyle. After some days, months or years, they start realizing that the new path offered them more money than the previous one, but this new lifestyle feels less fulfilling or even makes them unhappy.  

What does SUCCESS mean to ME?

There are a few points that I believe characterize a successful person. From my perspective, SUCCESS is a status in your life which literally obeys to a unique lifestyle with specific guidelines, a set of values and a sui-generis mindset.

In fact, you can see that people who use the referred tools that promise them to accomplish SUCCESS can do great work at a job they enjoy, but still feel that they don’t live up to the societal ideal of a successful person. Therefore, those tools did not lead them to that promised result.

For me, success has been always a HAPPY STATUS, therefore, I used a set of tools which lead me to that SUCCESS. To be honest, they help to realize when something is not adding value to that status of happiness. As a matter of fact, if there is any single piece of the current scenario which may be positively impacting the maintenance of that HAPPY STATUS, I will keep it. For instance, traveling is an activity that makes me happy, so it is a non-negotiable item in my agenda.

With that said, SUCCESS means HAPPINESS for me.



World Happiness Summit 2019 - Miami, Florida - USA

What is my philosophy about HAPPINESS?

BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER WITH YOUR JOURNEY TO BE HAPPY, let me share my experiences traveling and living abroad. Actually, I met happy people in different countries and I have great friends. Everyone of them made a lot of money, but you would never guess it.  

My friends have a common characteristic, they think they have been successful since some time ago and I do agree with them. Some friends rent their penthouse, they do not have any car and they do not wear expensive clothes or jewelry. Instead, they use their income to travel, get to meet people, and have new experiences. That is what HAPPINESS means to them. That’s why they are my friends. Now, you see. That was the best way I found to explain my philosophy about happiness to you. 

For me, happiness is the result of a journey which starts with a deep research about yourself. You start collecting knowledge, experiences, facts, emotions and specific data about YOU. Consequently, you begin developing your talent as a researcher. Then, you analyze that data to know what truly makes YOU happy. As a result of this process, you decide the tools that add value to your journey to accomplish that TRUE SUCCESS.

Believe me! 

You will find some tools that promise to increase your productivity to accomplish SUCCESS, though, you could find that they are extremely overwhelming.

Believe me! 

I have been there.  Now you know what I am talking about. That is true, the referred tools will help you to be productive,  however, there is no promise related to HAPPINESS in the air. You can start following the rules without seeing BIG RESULTS in your life.

Believe me!

That’s not the best way to accomplish SUCCESS.

To accomplish that promised big dream or successful life – use the label you like the most – YOU should become a designer who makes the most exclusive piece of art: Your Own Philosophy about Happiness.


Are you ready to make BIG moves

to create your Own Philosophy?

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World Happiness Summit 2019 - Miami, Florida - USA


Big things have TINY beginnings.

Once I had my philosophy about happiness in my hands everything made sense to me. My sessions with Cinthia were focused on wealth. She helped me to discover how to sharpen my skills in my work, career and business.

I knew that every mentor added value in her philosophy, though, she did a great job choosing the tools I needed to from the 04 mentors that helped her to build that specific area of her life. I created my plan to grow my wealth with that missing piece that I could never imagine was a key factor for me: my relationships.   

- David T.

Private Session!

Cinthia likes these sessions because YOU talk about your current life status and expectations with her. She is all ears! 

✓Cinthia will have 1:1 sessions with you to DESIGN your Happy DESTINY together. Our CEO truly believes that the best way to predict your future is to create it. So let’s start making your dream happen!

✓Cinthia believes that we all have the ability to decipher what is really going on in a situation where you do not feel neither success, nor happiness. Our challenge is that we have not been taught how to design our lifestyle taking into account our philosophy about happiness.

✓Cinthia realized that almost nobody has been taught how to validate the pieces that add value to their lives. That realization lead her to find a new career path, a new lifestyle and a new life purpose.




 ✓Cinthia has always believed in the power of technology to make everyone’s life and business easygoing. In fact, she has been working remotely in different job positions and management roles since 2005. When nobody thought that Cinthia could work above a palm beach, she believed that she can make that it happen. She started designing what she names her digital empire since 2005.  

✓Cinthia truly believes that building her digital empire offered her SUCCESS because her current lifestyle makes her happy. She says: “When you go digital, you go happy, you go free”. She applied multiple strategies to build not only her digital businesses but also her professional career. Now she wants to help yoU do the same.

✓Cinthia realized that the digital services arena provided her new sources of income because the globe has been always her market.

 Let’s chat in real time here

I started my  journey with Cinthia in January 2008. As a 36-year old woman with fibromyalgia, I has been always selecting my food and my exercise to manage my chronic pain. In my initial session with Cinthia, she asked me those kinds of questions that made me realize about those missing pieces that every patient with a chronic disease should keep on track.  Cinthia worked really hard to make me understand that I should embrace my chronic condition because that was the only way to have a successful life. In fact, I am not going to lie. Every day used to be a new journey with new challenges, though, Cinthia helped me to discover my pain triggers. Thanks to Cinthia I found new ways to manage my life so I could deal with professionally and emotionally stressful situations which increased my fibromyalgia pain. There are some bad days, though the number of bad days significantly decreased since I manage my life with MY PHILOSOPHY ABOUT HAPPINESS.  

- Megan D.

Customized Programs

Which one is best for you?


World Happiness Summit in Miami. Cinthia is willing to design your Wellness Program based on Happiness Science. Her main mentor in this arena is Tal-Ben Shahar. Cinthia truly believes that advancing through leadership skills and have a happy life is feasible if you design your career or business path taking into account the science of happiness.


Business coaching for individuals & organizations. Cinthia is happy to help you monetize your joy!


Find out more about our customized programs here!


Masterminds help you to grow your network. You will meet people with similar interests. Everyone has a unique philosophy about success and happiness.

What we do

Why is a Customized Program right for your organization?

Every successful company must have a clear understanding about its culture, values and mission. Successful companies build their organizational culture based on Happiness Science.   

Let’s analyze your organization with Tal’s tools